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Dilapidations represent ‘exit costs’ for a tenant at the end of their lease. These costs are usually attributed to restoring the property back to its original state or pre-let state, i.e repairs or reinstating any aesthetic alterations. Related directly to commercial properties, dilapidation is a term that every landlord and tenant need to understand. As part of their tenant obligations, they must adhere to the required level stated in the lease – if failing this, actions need to be taken in order meet the outlined level.

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Tenants will  receive a ‘Schedule of Dilapidations’ from the landlord setting out work which enforces the client to return the property back to the landlord in its original pre-let state. The work SDE Group carry out offers costs savings to clients by harnessing a wide range of skills to carry out works over employing each service individually.


SDE Group  provide full Dilapidation and Commercial Property Strip-Out Services direct for Landlords, Commercial Agents, Building Surveyors and Tenants including:


  • Site Survey to include identification of items and services to remain in place

  • Preparation and implementation of Health & Safety Plans and CDM Regulations

  • Dismantling of Partitioning, Walls and Suspended Ceilings

  • Decommissioning of Air Conditioning

  • Electrical, Data and IT Strip Out

  • Removal and Disposal of Raised Access Flooring

  • Removal and Disposal of Mezzanine Flooring

  • Removal of Toilets, Kitchens and Sanitary Wear

  • Waste and Furniture Removal

With our expertise in this area, we will enable you to meet your obligations to your Landlords with the minimum of disruption to your day to day business.


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