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Atlantic Pumps Chesterfield

Recently, we took on a project with Atlantic Pumps, a pump design and manufacturing company based in Derbyshire. We began working with Atlantic Pumps at the beginning of May, and finished at the end of June.

Atlantic Pumps invested in the chesterfield unit as they are an ever expanding company, that has outgrown their current premises. The goal with this new project was to create a flagship hub with separate storage, manufacturing, and picking areas, and to create a safe environment while being logistically efficient.

For this project, we would be renovating the warehouse and welfare facilities, such as a kitchen, toilet refurb, and a shop front for their goods collection area. Our Project Consultant for this job, Luke, took great care in ensuring everything was designed and built precisely for what Atlantic Pumps needed, working to the specifications of their new warehouse and their requirements.

For the warehouse project, we installed a mezzanine Floor as well as a storage structure, to increase the warehouse floor space to allow for a greater storage capacity. We also fitted a Pallet Gate to allow easy transfer of stock to the mezzanine floor.

We also installed several types of industrial storage racking, including long span shelving for storing large items and small part shelving for keeping smaller equipment and parts organised, along with pallet racking and protection to help prevent damages.

These storage solutions will greatly benefit the warehouse and its team, allowing everything to be more logistically efficient and help create a safe working environment, whilst helping with the original goal of having a efficient warehouse with segregated working areas for manufacturing, storage and picking.

Finally, we renovated the kitchen and rest areas. We installed new welfare facilities, to give a fresh new look to the rooms. Our joiners took great care in renovating the kitchen and toilet areas.

If you are looking at moving into a new premises, or need your current one renovating, get in touch with our team to see how we can help you!

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