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Autohaus Dolby - Sheffield

When working with customers across multiple sectors the projects we carry out at sde group naturally vary client to client. Each of our clients have specific needs / problems they need a solution for.

A great example of this was a recent project we carried out at Autohaus Dolby in Sheffield, they needed a secure means of receiving deliveries out of working hours. Luke, one of our project consultants here at sde group helped develop a solution by designing a secure cage that would allow one way access to the goods in area only, while maintaining the security of the rest of the building during non working hours.

“ I began by organising a meeting with Matt at Autohaus Dolby to discuss possible solutions that we could tailor to their needs, once the initial site survey was carried out and design brief was approved, we put together a proposal for the initial concept, which we later received sign off for and the order was placed". - Luke Hemstock

When it came to carrying out the project it was important to be able to complete it over a 24 hour period, right the way from materials being delivered to a finished installation.

"SDE have worked with us on two projects now, and I have been consistently impressed by their ability to deliver unusual projects to exacting standards. They are always on time and on budget, and we get what we ask for every time." - Matt Dolby

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