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Beacon Medaes - Markham Vale ✔

We are extremely pleased to present the successful refurbishment of Beacon Medaes - a large scale warehouse located at Markham Vale, Chesterfield. The ten week project that was delivered from 'Concept to Completion' across all areas of the SDE Group.

Industrial & Electrical

SDE Group were required to alter the racking layout from a VNA (very narrow aisle) to a standard aisle due to the change of their fork lift trucks, whilst also removing various areas of racking to clear space for a 'goods in' area. Timber decks were supplied and installed on beam levels as per the client's requirements.

Our qualified Installation Engineers relocated the multi-tier shelving system from their previous site in Staveley to the new warehouse space. SDE Electrical were involved to alter the lighting to suit the new racking layout.


Our interior joiners created an office space from the original store room by installing interior stud walls and were decorated to a high standard to create a brighter inviting working environment.

Our 3D Design team assisted in the design and layout of the new canteen and kitchen areas to create a comfortable break out space for all workforces within the building.


A high level of Project Management was required to ensure all works were completed efficiently and on time to the highest standards. SDE Group provided numerous consultations with various people to ensure the project met all regulations in order for sign off.

We would like to congratulate Luke Hemstock - Project Consultant and the rest of the team for a well executed project!

If you would like to receive more information about this Beacon Medeas or any upcoming projects you may have, please contact us at

- The SDE Group

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