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CEF Biggleswade - A Greener Approach to Expansion

SDE Group were tasked with designing and installing a secure storage area to stock a brand-new range of high-value products and a bespoke packing workbench to facilitate the flow of stock in conjunction with a newly installed conveyor system.

After multiple discussions with the Regional Manager - Craig Marks, there were 3 elements of a brief that SDE needed to design and implement to facilitate the latest company requirements from CEF.

Firstly, a large secure storage area was designed to allow for a new range of high valued power tool products to be stored in one location. The design included a 25m mesh partition wall, including a lockable double door designed around the company’s security cameras, meaning that CEF can control the flow of products in and out of the area.

Additionally, there were discussions of producing a method to reuse a large quantity surplus racking materials from previous projects SDE had carried out for the company. In order to meet the next area of the brief, SDE created a bespoke packing bench, including a bubble wrap rail, multiple shelf levels for storage, a hard wearing worktop, and a stand for a computer to be clamped onto bench which in turn allows operatives to send Totes/Boxes around the warehouse via a conveyor system which the design was based around.

Finally, an opening in the existing mezzanine that SDE designed and installed during phase 1 of the project a few years back was made to allow for a large heavy duty conveyor spiral to be dropped in to improve the accessibility/flow of stock items / tote boxes around the warehouse.

Whilst the company’s expansion plans had been in place since they initially bought the building over 5 years ago, the initial draft designs for the secure storage area had begun almost 3-4 months before the project start date in March. After multiple conversations and site visits, the unique concept of reusing racking materials to create the required workbenches needed for later in project came about after a few proposals from the Project consultant, which allowed the client to deliver the entire project significantly under the original budget.

All aspects of the brief were delivered within 2 months, with the final additional works being completed back in June.

“After the enormity of the services provided by SDE Group in Phase 1 of the building a few years ago, including designing a bespoke Racking and Mezzanine Layout which was tailored to CEF Online’s specific needs at the time. I had no doubts that designing a racking layout with a mesh partitioning to ensure the area was secure would be second nature for the business.

However, the impressive element of this particular project was the instinctive mindset of the company to re-use a large portion of surplus materials from the previous racking build to design and install a large number bespoke and extremely specific packing workbenches. The team at SDE Group went out of their way to liaise with the other main contractors on site to fine tune the details to ensure the benches worked perfectly with the Conveyor system installed on 2 out of the 3 floors. As the client this was a dream as not only did we save thousands of pounds on the project, but we also were able to take a back seat and let the experts do their work.

The fantastic works carried out by SDE Group on this project is why they will hopefully continue to work with CEF on future projects” - Craig Marks, Divisional Manager at CEF

If you have a project you'd like to discuss with us please don't hesitate to get in contact with:

Elliot Watson - Project Consultant


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