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A new 'working environment' - Malvern Office

Back in December 2020 we were delighted to be involved in the refurbishment of Malerven Office. Our goal for this site was to create a functional and healthy working environment for our client, that their team would be able to look forward to coming back to work after the initial lockdown in a safe and Covid secure workspace.

Our Interior Design team worked closely with the design specifications, both collaborative and quiet spaces were a specific requirement for the office to successfully function as a hot-desking space. Our team ensured there were no physical barriers to keep everyone divided, but with a specific carpet layout to give the working areas and customer walk-ways a clear differentiation.

All desk & high seating tables went through a careful design process to create bespoke furniture specific to our client's needs, we worked closely to the material specification to ensure that everything was kept within with the brand guidelines of the company, whilst having a pleasing aesthetic.

With another focus being on efficiency, the layout of the room was designed in a way to promote a productive and enjoyable working environment. Everything is easily accessible from each working point, allowing the team to adapt to whatever task they are working on, whether it be working from the hot desks, conference meetings in the board room, or engaging with clients in the booths.

We also completed a full kitchen fit-out, installing new cupboards, drawers and countertops to make sure the team had everything they needed to get started once the project was completed. Once again, everything was designed and chosen very carefully to comply with the material specifications and keep within the brand's theme.

Now the project is finished, we have created a Virtual Tour to allow you to walkthrough the completed workspace, and see everything for yourself!

If you are thinking of refurbishing your interior space or having a renovation of your building, get in touch with our team and let's see how we can help you transform your space!

- SDE Group

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