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Our Weekend at the Yorkshire Motorsport Festival!

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

The Yorkshire Motorsport Festival was back for its 2nd year running, with a wide range of activities from motorsports, fairground rides and music. The event itself was sat amongst the rolling fields of West Yorkshire, Holmfirth on the 125-acre site.

This year SDE Group were the proud sponsor of the Electric Avenue, an idea which came about from our ever-expanding knowledge and understanding of the importance of “going greener”. With SDE’s services expanding into ‘Energy Solutions’ covering everything from Solar to Heat pumps, we worked alongside the YMSF to create the Electric Avenue, an area which showcased everything from electric vehicles to solar panels.

The planning for the event started for us a few months ago, with the need of getting a marquee plus all the other smaller aspects that add up to make a great stand, the long list of items needed began to grow. We wanted to cover as many aspects as possible on the stall and so we brought in our sister company Car Charge Go which specialises in EV chargers and installation, with their knowledge and expertise the range of what we could offer on the stall grew. We also asked our local dealership B&B to come along to help assist if people wanted to buy/lease an electric/hybrid vehicle, this meant that all aspects from buying to installing an EV charger were covered.

Our last sector which we wanted to offer was energy solutions, knowing the demand for solar is growing due to the rise in gas and electricity prices, we knew that this was an important aspect to cover and to show. We decided that for people to understand the true effects of using solar we powered our entire stand from it, everything from the TV to charging the Electric Vehicles was solely powered by solar energy.

With the attraction from our solar display and the TV showing live footage from the track, we had an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding time at the Yorkshire Motorsport Festival. We got to speak to people first-hand about the importance of going greener and enjoyed hearing about how our services would be able to help others. There were aspects that we know we could improve on, one of which is having a windproof stand! Going forward we know what areas we need to learn from and others where we can grow, we look forward to doing more events and exhibitions in the future and coming even closer together as a team!

This was a great collaboration between Car Charge Go, B&B and The Yorkshire Motorsport Festival. Thank you for your help and the continued support which you’ve given us!

- SDE Electrical

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