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Champion of the Week!

Destination Chesterfield is organisation that works in partnership with businesses in Chesterfield, to maximise the positive promotion of our town and businesses within it.

With values such as promoting Chesterfield to internal and external markets, growing businesses from the private and public sector, and maximising positive promotion of our town, they are an organisation we are proud to be working along side.

As part of our new union with Destination Chesterfield, we have put together a quick video with our in-house 3D Design expert Charlotte, and two of our Project Consultants, Luke and Elliot. Between the three of them, they have given an excellent coverage of the services we provide, including our interior design services, our 360 virtual tour experiences, and our industrial storage design solutions for racking and shelving.

Check out our video below!

And the icing on the cake for us, our in-house 3D Design expert Charlotte has been nominated as Chesterfield Champion of the Week! We are all extremely proud of her, click the link below to read the interview she had with the Destination Chesterfield team.

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