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SDE Group Bolsters Pathway to a Greener Future!

SDE Group are delighted to announce the appointment of Adrian Searl & Aaron Olver who have joined the SDE Family as Directors of our newly formed business division - SDE Energy Solutions Ltd.

There are now 4 individual operating business divisions within the SDE Group. These include; Industrial Storage Solutions, Interiors & 3D Design, Electrical & EV and Energy Solutions.

The Group has seen extensive growth over the past 12 months across all company sectors, most notably within the EV space specifically focusing on the Commercial EV market with many national contracts secured. This includes the maintenance and installation of EV chargers across the electrical highway - covering over 200 motorway service stations from Lands' End to John O'Groats. This has also been expedited since the acquisition of Car Charge Go Ltd in July of this year. This allows us to enhance and widen our EV offering, supporting domestic customers and company employees.

SDE Energy Solutions

SDE Energy Solutions starts its journey in a positive position with an unprecedented demand and interest from our already existing clients.

Our Energy Solutions sector offers customers a renewable energy pathway with a suite of services from Solar, Battery, Wind and Heat solutions for home or work place locations.

Adrian Searl / Aaron Olver

Meet Adrian

Adrian is originally from the south west, Plymouth, although we don't hold this against him with his choice of football team as this is certainly something to be thrown into question - Tottenham Hotspur... Even after learning this questionable news, we still feel he will be a valuable asset to the team bringing an expansive amount of knowledge within the power and renewable sectors. Adrian has previously held senior management and directorship roles at some of the UK's largest companies. His previous roles focused on developing businesses for growth opportunities and expanding them into new emerging markets.

We caught up with Adrian earlier this week and had the opportunity to ask him a couple of questions:

What’s your biggest goal you’d like to achieve by joining the SDE Group?

Supporting the growth of a new business within a group is never easy but we have set the bar high with expectations of achieving significant revenue sales and profits in our first year but more importantly providing our customers with best-in-class renewable energy solutions.

What do you think you bring to the table by joining SDE Group?

Develop new relationships with external clients and deploy my experience of implementing robust strategies and growth plans within a commercial setting. Also launch SDE Group into new markets and partnerships.

Meet Aaron

Aaron also originally hails from the South West of England. Compared with Adrian, Aaron is more of a rugby man following his team the Exeter Chiefs both home and away. Aaron aims to bring his 15 years of hands on experience within the renewable energy sector to help develop and curate SDE Group's new renewable division.

We also caught up with Aaron earlier this week and had the opportunity to ask him a couple of questions:

What’s your biggest goal you’d like to achieve by joining SDE group?

To help businesses and clients reduce their energy bills and further reduce their carbon footprint across their company.

What do you think you bring to the table by joining SDE group?

What I aim to bring to SDE Group is my 15 years of technical knowledge and experience as well as a vision for a net Carbon Zero future. Plus Devonshire pasties as Gregg's doesn't quite cut it...

Watch a Day in The Life of a Solar Installer

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