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See it for yourself! A virtual 360° tour of our tallest Roller Racking yet! 🙌

Experience how we can view a 3D space using 360° virtual tours - providing a completely bespoke service at the highest standard to all customers. Allowing your clients to virtually access a building remotely reduces time spent on site-visits, which is particularly important in this current climate to help with social distancing guidelines.

We recently completed one of our largest racking fit-outs for one of our main clients. One of the most challenging aspects of the Distribution Centre fit-out was the formation of a FIFO roller racking system built on a large scale mezzanine structure to allow pallets to be stored in lanes underneath.

Take a tour of the building yourself through our new immersive 3D technology...

At fourteen pallets deep and four high, our structural engineers created a system that would carry an extremely high weight load when fully loaded. All our systems are CE marked to comply with Regulations and built to a high standard of workmanship to ensure the pallets run smoothly from front to back every time.

By working professionally and adhering to strict government guidelines, we successfully managed to complete the fit-out and virtual tour through the Covid_19 crisis.

- 3D Design Team

#SDE= SEMA Approved = Quality Assured

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