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Dilapidation is another service we offer to accompany other departments within the Group. Our contracts department provide exceptional project management programme which again, is complimentary throughout all sectors of the business.

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At SDE Group, our contracts delivery team will offer programme management solutions after consultations to identify our clients’ strategic requirements.

We have the experience to deliver a course of action that manages risk, time, cost and quality with the leadership to maintain complete control and transparency across the process; and the passion and enthusiasm to drive value at every turn.

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Dilapidations represent ‘exit costs’ for a tenant at the end of their lease. These costs are usually attributed to restoring the property back to its original state or pre-let state, i.e repairs or reinstating any aesthetic alterations.


Related directly to commercial properties, dilapidation is a term that every landlord and tenant need to understand. As part of their tenant obligations, they must adhere to the required level stated in the lease – if failing this, actions need to be taken in order meet the outlined level.

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