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Our unifying belief at SDE Group is that our service will design and implement bespoke storage solutions for your individual requirements. We provide successful warehouse racking solutions that will protect the future success and growth of our client's business and operations. 

Large Industrail Storage Racking

At SDE Group we review your individual requirements and offer intelligent solutions based on load volume & weight, handling requirements, accessibility and space utilisation. 

We offer the most efficient solution using the following types of racking:


  • Adjustable Pallet Racking 

  • Roller Racking 

  • Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking 

  • Drive In Pallet Racking 

  • Push Back Pallet Racking 

  • Live Storage Pallet Racking 

  • Cantilever Racking 

  • Shuttle Racking 

  • Mobile Pallet Racking 

  • Coil Racking 

  • Racking Relocation 


Indsutrial Shelving Systems


SDE Group offer a wide range of tailored shelving systems. Solutions are designed based on specific requirements to suit the modern business taking into account workplace efficiency, space utilisation, and cost effectiveness. Our solutions range from:

  • Long Span Shelving 

  • Steel Component Shelving 

  • Archive Shelving 

  • Mobile Shelving 

  • Small Parts Shelving 

  • Stockroom Shelving 

  • Multi-tier Shelving 

  • Vertical Shelving 

3D Visualisation of Industrial Racking


As well as our detailed CAD plans and technical drawings, we now offer a 3D modelling and visualisation service to help each client understand their storage design in a three-dimensional perspective.

We work alongside other practices to ensure our racking solutions work sufficiently in any new / existing warehouse building. 

Multi Layered Mezzanine Flooring


Mezzanine floors are an efficient method to optimise the storage capacity for any building.

Our mezzanine floors include: 

  • Single or multi-tier mezzanine floors can be designed, approved and fitted to a very tight time frame

  • Installation teams will work closely with you to save disruption and down-time

  • Building Regulation Approval can be obtained quickly consultants.

  • We offer a huge range of structures, finishes and
    accessories to ensure your mezzanine floor looks like an integral part of your operation 
    by liaising with our Approval Inspectors and/or your own 

UKCA Logo copy.png

For all ‘fabricated structural steelwork’ delivered to site there is a legal requirement for it to carry the CE mark. This includes all mezzanine floor support steelwork, structural bolts and welding consumables. SDE and our supply partners have gained CE mark certification in line with the technical standard EN 1090: Execution of steel structures. The supply to site of ‘non CE marked’ products to site is now illegal.

Tyres being stored in Industrial Racking


Having years of experience in working within the automotive parts storage industry, SDE Group are able offer tailored solutions to group dealers, motor factors, tyre distributors and also major manufacturers.


We have developed an inherent knowledge of the specific solutions for the multitude requirements within the industry from:

  • Small part storage 

  • Tyre storage 

  • Body panel storage 

  • Exhaust storage 

We offer full consultation and design to create a solution to meet your specific requirements.

Industrial Partitions


SDE Group are one of the leading designs, supply and installation companies in the UK for steel & mesh partitioning systems to a wide range of environments such as:


  • Warehouses

  • Factories

  • Medical Environments

  • Offices

We will design and create steel partitioning to suit your individual requirements, whether you have a simple outline of what you want to achieve or a specific set of constraints to consider including fire safety, acoustics or security using a range of solutions such as:

○ Single & Double Skin Steel Systems

○ Clean Room Systems

○ Machine Guarding Systems

○ Secure Mesh Enclosures

protective barriers for indutrial racking


A worthy investment in warehouse protection barriers can pay dividends quite quickly for clients in numerous ways such as:

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs -resulting from damaged fork trucks, pallet racking repairs and building repairs

  • Maintained Efficiency – reducing the number of pallet locations lost through damage and fork trucks out of commission through collisions

  • Employee Safety – providing vital protection for pedestrians working in busy storage facilities

Blue Lockers installed by SDE Group.


We offer a wide range of standard and tailored lockers, cupboards to customers in many industries including public sector, retail, manufacturing, transport, leisure and business services.

SDE Group's lockers and storage cupboards offer benefits such as:


  • Hygienic paint protection

  • Robust security measures

  • Full range of accessories

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Mezzanine floors
Industrial partitions
Automotive Solutions
Warhouse Protection
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